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Store Pickup Policy

(updated as of 13 Mar 2021)


You'll receive a notification email when your item is available to pick up. Please wait for this email before coming to the store. We will provide the instructions in your “Ready For Pickup” email that will tell you how to pick up your order.



Contactless Pickup is still mandatory for all pickup orders. The showroom opens at level 1, physical distancing is not required however it's still worthwhile to keep a safe distance from people, this will help to minimize the spread of COVID-19 if community transmission returns. Your safety is paramount, so if any of our staff members feel unwell, they will remain at home. If you feel unwell, please refrain from picking up



Mon-Sat 10 am to 5:30 pm. We are closed on Sunday & Public Holidays


We will notify you via email with a pickup booking link once your order is available for pick up.

It’s highly advised that you should book a pickup in advance as without booking:

· It might take up to 30 minutes of waiting time for all walk-in pickup customers

· We can’t guarantee that your order is ready for pickup as the stock might be located at our third-party warehouse.



There are 45 booking time slots in a day - the first one is 10-10:30 am and the last one is 5:00-5:30 pm. Please book well ahead of time to avoid clashes in your preferred pickup time. We anticipate significant demand for this service.



Our staff will use your vehicle plate number (car rego number) to identify you, so please make sure you drive the vehicle you confirmed with us.

5. FAQ:

1) Can I make a booking over the phone?

Yes, you can make the booking over the phone.  However, we encourage you to book online. Due to increased demand, it may take a little longer for our staff to pick up your call.


2) Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Please refer to your pickup booking confirmation or reminder email.  You shall find the 'Cancel' or 'Reschedule' buttons at the bottom of your email that will take you directly to our appointment calendar for cancellation or rescheduling of your existing appointment.  We understand things may happen in life and sometimes it is necessary to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require that you let us know at least 24 hours’ in advance of your scheduled pickup appointment to avoid cancellation/rescheduling fee. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case by case basis. 


3) What if I don't show up at the appointment time? 

No-Show Policy:  A “no-show” is someone who misses a scheduled appointment without cancelling or rescheduling 24 hours in advance of their scheduled appointment. “No-shows” will be charged a $20 handling & attendance fee, which will be added to your pickup invoice for next scheduled pickup.


4) Can I change the car plate number or the collecting person’s name after the booking confirmation?

    a.  Change on the day of pick up:

Please call us on 09-570-9687  if it is urgent or email info@urbansales.co.nz to let us know your order number and your other vehicle plate number, our staff will update this for you manually.  

     b.  More than 24 hours prior to pick up :

You need to first cancel the existing booking by clicking the "Cancel" button in your booking confirmation email.  Then you need to make a new booking with an updated car plate number or the pickup person's name.   


5) How do I add/remove items from my order? 

If you have already made a pickup booking, any edits to your order will now need to be notified via email or phone 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time. This allows us enough time to update and process your order.


6) Can I buy something else from the showroom at the time of collection?
As booked pickups will take priority, if you would like to buy something else from the showroom, we recommend you to pick up your order first and then proceed to visit our showroom for another purchase.


7) I have 2 orders in your system, should I make 2 bookings?

No, only one booking is needed. Just enter all the order numbers that are ready to pick up in one booking via the appointment booking website.


8) Can I make the payment when picking up? 

Yes, applicable for cash or EFTPOS payment only, our staff will prompt you to the showroom team to make the balance first before you can pick up your order. 

If you intend to pay via bank transfer, you need to make payment 24-48 hours ahead of pickup. Alternatively, we can send a payment link to you for an instant credit card payment collection before you come to pick up.


9) I have made an online order, can I just come to pick up without any booking?

It’s highly advised that you should wait for our “Ready for Pickup” email and book a pickup in advance as without booking: 

· it might take up to 30 minutes of waiting time for all walk-in pickup customers

· we can't guarantee that your order is ready as the stock might be located at our third-party warehouse


10) When do I have to pick up my order once I have received the “Ready for Pickup” notification email?

We recommend you to pick up your order within 14 days upon “Ready to pick up” notification email sent. 

Your order will be cancelled if you do not come to pick up upon 30 days of the "Ready to pick up" notification email sent and your deposit will be recorded as credit with 1-year validity for future purchase.