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Brand Story


It all started from 2012.  An unusual story about 2 Urban Dwellers that unreveled when 2 girls met and started a band in 2009. Kuffy lived in a small place, but with some effort, rejiggled all the furnitures and in went  the drums, guitars, amps and the works!

They felt something was missing, a nice comfy sofa! They started looking but the ones in furniture stores were either too expensive, too bulky or damn boring and very uncool. “We didn’t want to buy from boring chain stores with the same old bulky design 20 years ago but we also didn’t want to pay a fortune either.  We wanted to make the already small space cool and comfortable, and we wanted something affordable!”

They also searched online and finally found something that was exactly what they wanted! 

“It was something we could sit on, play on, watch movies on, friends came over and it easily becames another bed, it’s basically one cool sofa bed that satisfies all your needs in a small home,  you can open it all up, or leave it half way down, or simply click it back into a couch in 3 seconds. The other great thing is its light weight design, even Louise can lift up a double sofa bed her own and race you 50 metres no problem :)”  Kuffy said.

Urban Sales started out when friends stayed over and saw the couch, and wanted one too. The next person asks, then another person asks about it as well.  As a fan of these sofas, Kuffy and Louise were delighted to help their friends buy online and ship them here for them. 

“One friend said they wanted one, tried looking for it everywhere but apparently nothing like this in NZ so they came back and asked us to help her buy one for her apartment. Friends told friends, the snowball went from here... “

Through word of mouth, what started out as bringing in 1-2 sofas for friends, turned into  a niche business that now brings in regular containers for the hungry NZ market with a strong space-saving appetite.

The Urbana Flexi-Futon sofa beds that are on the market now have been customized for the NZ condition. Feedback from customers were so important to them that they actually flew to China and worked with the manufacturers to improve the original Japanese futon tatami design and created a more luxurious experience with the sofa bed for the NZ crowd. 

One for Urban Sales’ up-and-coming plans are to work with local NZ fabric designers to customize your couch experience!  “A lot of 20-30 somethings like us are all individuals, and a lot of us live in urban areas in apartments, units, smaller spaces compared to 20 years ago. With limited space, we’d still like to make the most of the space, while feeling super comfy at home, make it our own, not another chain store bulky uncool sofa. When you come to think about it, we actually don’t need big luxurious homes and big expensive furnitures and which we only use 10% of our time on them. There is a lot of space and money wasted maybe all we need just need small cozy comfy home”