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Product Code: GRONLID-3SeatSofaBedChaiseLongue-LTGY-893.156.95-11*V[N]~7406

GRONLID 3-seat sofa-bed, with chaise longue/Orrsta light grey


$3,829.00 Ex GST:$3,329.57

Availability: PRE-ORDER NOW, ETA 19 DEC 2020

GRONLID 3-seat sofa-bed, with chaise longue/Orrsta light grey

Product description

Deep seat cushions with a top layer of fibre balls and plenty of comfortable back cushions make GRÖNLID sofa feel soft and inviting. The sofa's sections can be combined in different ways to get a size and shape that suits you. If you ever need a larger sofa, you can always add a section or two. Soft, movable back cushions allow you to find a way to sit that feels relaxed and suits you. Storage space under the chaise longue. The lid stays open so you can safely and easily take things in and out. You can place the chaise longue section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like. This cover is made from GRÄSBO fabric in 100% cotton. It has dobby weave with faint texture and feels smooth.

Product size
Bed height: 53 cm
Height including back cushions: 104 cm
Height backrest: 68 cm
Depth chaise longue: 164 cm
Width: 277 cm
Depth: 98 cm
Seat depth, chaise longue: 126 cm
Seat depth: 60 cm
Seat height: 49 cm
Bed width: 140 cm
Bed length: 200 cm
Mattress thickness: 12 cm

Foam mattress: Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.

Frame, 2-seat sofa-bed section: Solid wood, Plywood, Fibreboard, Polyurethane foam 20 kg/cu.m., Polyester wadding, Solid hardwood, Particleboard, Laminate (melamine), 30% cut polyurethane foam/ 70% polyester fibres, Highly resilient polyurethane foam (cold foam) 35 kg/cu.m., Polyester wadding, Polyester fibre balls, Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating, Galvanized, Polypropylene plastic
Frame chaise longue section: Solid wood, Plywood, Fibreboard, Polyurethane foam 20 kg/cu.m., Polyester wadding, Solid hardwood, Particleboard, Laminate (melamine)
Frame armrest
Sofa-bed mechanism: Moulded layer-glued wood veneer, Adhesive resin as coating
Foam mattress: 64% polyester, 36% cotton, Cover for chaise longue section/ cover for armrest, 35% cotton, 65 % polyester
Cover for chaise longue section/ cover for armrest: 35% cotton, 65 % polyester

Package details
Packages: 11

Width: 90 cm
Height: 46 cm
Length: 149 cm
Weight: 42.70 kg
Package(s): 1

Width: 65 cm
Height: 24 cm
Length: 86 cm
Weight: 11.01 kg
Package(s): 1

Width: 37 cm

Height: 8 cm

Length: 56 cm

Weight: 3.54 kg

Package(s): 1


Length: 157 cm

Weight: 13.80 kg

Diameter: 32 cm

Package(s): 1


Width: 94 cm

Height: 31 cm

Length: 168 cm

Weight: 42.34 kg

Package(s): 1


Width: 23 cm

Height: 3 cm

Length: 37 cm

Weight: 0.75 kg

Package(s): 2


Width: 23 cm

Height: 12 cm

Length: 37 cm

Weight: 2.60 kg

Package(s): 1


Width: 104 cm

Height: 28 cm

Length: 165 cm

Weight: 32.80 kg

Package(s): 1


Width: 62 cm

Height: 19 cm

Length: 95 cm

Weight: 10.50 kg

Package(s): 2


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