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Curtain & Blinds

Curtain & Blinds

We love the outdoors. But sometimes we want to keep outside elements – like sunlight, draughts and curious eyes – out. Curtains and blinds do this in a way that enhances your view from the inside, too.

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3 Designs
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3 Designs
IKEA MAJGULL Block-out curtains, 1 pair, 145x250CM Light Grey With block-out curtains you won’t get your sleep disturbed by moonlight and street lights - or be woken by the sun when you want to sleep in late. The heavy fabric falls softly and evenly. The blackout curtains have a special coatin..
Ex Tax:$146.96
DYTAG Curtains, 1 pair, White, 145x250 cm   These timeless white curtains in natural crushed linen offer privacy and bring a casual vibe to your room. The fabric suits any season, and falls gently while allowing light and air to pass through.   Product description This curtain provide priv..
Ex Tax:$173.04
IKEA MATILDA Sheer Curtains 140x250CM WHITE A perfect solution when you want privacy or want to block annoying glares on TV and computer screens. The outside light still comes through and creates a cosy atmosphere in the room. The sheer curtains let the daylight through but provide privacy so they a..
Ex Tax:$42.61
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