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Collectivo 25cm Female Wooden Hand Mannequin For Garment Accessory Display Product Description: - This beautiful piece was made from wood and is a perfect companion for any aspiring artist. - It us flexible enough to mimic many human positions, so it is a useful tool to draw the human's hand figure..
Ex Tax:$16.52
Collectivo 30cm Male Wooden Hand Mannequin For Garment Accessory Display Product Description: - This newest Wodded Hand Mannequin is a product of an artistic touch and a creative mind! - Multi-functional: Can be used as a Table Type Decoration, as a painting model, an ornament or as a jewelry stor..
Ex Tax:$18.26
Collectivo Design Mini Wooden Pallet Coasters - Set of 4 Wooden pallets are the trendy, new age life accessory that recyclers, trendsetters and everyone in-between can’t get enough of. Creating a classy, minimalistic edge in any environment, wooden pallets have been turned into all manner of ..
Ex Tax:$12.96
Collectivo Marble Tray Rectangle 20*30cm white Product Description:- Make your fruits, sushi or accessories more good-looking with this elegant marbled tray!- Can be used as a fruit tray, a sushi plate or a display plate jewelry storage tray.- Has a marble design throughout that brings an artistic ..
Ex Tax:$33.91
Collectivo Marshall Amplifier Key Holder Key Features: - Decorate your house just like a rockstar with this new key holder! - Features 4 guitar plug keychains that is designed with the marshall "m" logo. - Its jack rack is made from 1/8" thick injection molded plastic and designed with a custom amp..
Ex Tax:$68.70
Product Description:- Bring a unique style onto your tea sessions with this new teapot set!- The teapot and its cups features a marbled design that complements its black backdrop!- Composed of a solid wooden tray.- The wooden handle on the teapot creates an artistic touch.- Unique teapot lid. Colour..
Ex Tax:$68.70
Collectivo Teapot Set,White,1 teapot+4cups+1tray,6packs Product Description:- Having a tea with your family will never be the same without this new teapot set!- Marbled design on its white backdrop on both teapot and cups to create an elegant vibe. - Comes with a solid wooden tray.- Wooden handle o..
Ex Tax:$68.70
Transform your home decor with this stunning Astronaut Vase. Made from porcelain, this quirky design adds a unique decorative piece to any windowsill or living room surface. Fill with a favoured flower or simply leave as an eye-catching finishing touch to your interior, guaranteed to create a talki..
Ex Tax:$30.43
UBS Collectivo Stool Pink (Stackable) Having a child sit in one place is a chore even more stressful than taking out the trash or washing the dishes. Kids don't just listen. A cartoon style stool for children might change that. Knowing that they own the chair, your child could take this Nordic stool..
Ex Tax:$17.30
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