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Trade Partner

Trade Partner | IKEA NZ | Urban Sales

Urban Sales is the one-stop shop for all your furniture needs. We offer Business-to-Business competitive trade prices and one-stop furniture solutions to our trade partners and their customers. Whether you require a complete furnishing solution or additional items for your existing scheme, we specialise in providing the right package for you and your home, business workspace, apartment or multi-unit development. Over the years, we have worked with newly-built apartment developers and interior designers, provided exclusive package deals to owners and achieved satisfied customer outcomes.

Who’s applicable?

- Property developers

- Home staging businesses

- Apartments/multi-units owners’ group-buys

- School procurements

- Company procurements

- Building contractors

- Hospitality industry

- Real estate agents

- Architects

- Large furnishing projects


Why choose Urban Sales?

1. Competitive pricing, extensive selection

With over 4,000 products available, comprising both furniture and furnishings, you can rest assured that we can cover all your home needs at a great value.

2. One Stop Shop

Urban Sales is the one-stop shop for your home's furniture needs. We can come and visit your project site and discuss your furniture needs with you. Our professional team can offer you furniture deals that meet your tastes with stylish designs and quality products. From ideas to furniture assembly, Urban Sales gives you an excellent experience with 100% worry-free service.

3. Apartment Expertise

Given the limited space in an apartment, it's our goal to provide you with furniture which is the best value and offers durability, flexibility, style and comfortable living for your apartment. We love multi-functional items that fold, stack, wheel and nest. You will be inspired by the options and be able to bring more possibilities into your space.

4. Over 40,000 Happy Customers 

Both online and offline, Urban Sales provides an excellent experience while creating added value for our customers. We have inspired over 40,000 homes in New Zealand.

Get in touch?

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