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Customise Your ELVARLI system


You choose how to combine ELVARLI products to create an open wardrobe system that’s a perfect fit for you. It’s one of our most adaptable modular wardrobe systems and is lightweight and durable, too. Reach-in closet, corner clothing nook – pretty much any open space can be a wall-mounted wardrobe.


Our Process:

Step 1: Download the design request form and fill the information

We want to have a good understanding of your needs as much as we can to save your time and money.

You can send a copy of the design request form to We will then assign a dedicated design consultant to help you finish your wardrobe design.


You can download the form here.


Step 2: Quotation & Order

After finalising all the details, we will process the payment and purchase your order from our IKEA supplier.


Pre-order Timeframe:

We receive a new shipment container every week in our Auckland warehouse. It usually takes 5~6 weeks from the pre-order close date for the stock to arrive into our Auckland warehouse.  Please refer to the pre-order schedule for our next container shipment’s Estimated Arrival Date (ETA) and Pre-Order Close Date.

Pre-order Payment:

When you decide to go ahead with our quote, we will require a full payment deposit for this if you would like us to order it. 

Please make sure your orders are paid before the pre-order close date so that your order will be included in our next purchase order cycle.


Step 3: Delivery & Assembly

Most of the IKEA Flat pack furniture requires assembly.

All IKEA products provided by Urban Sales come with step-by-step, simple, and clear instructions so you can assemble it by yourself.

For details of delivery & assembly services, please contact your design consultant directly.